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Anionic Surfactants

Anionic surface-active (surfactant) substances are used as a foundation in a large number of formulations. This group of surfactant substances is the oldest type of surface-active substance used by man. In addition to soap (neutralised fatty acids), Chempri also has a wide range of the most important anionic products and markets these in combination with the technical support that you can expect from a supplier of surfactants. Reasons to use one of these anionic products are usually linked to one of the following core issues: • Detergency • Emulsification • Foaming • Dispersal • Moistening • Solubilisation

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Phosphate esters

Phosphate esters

The range of phosphate esters contains not only free acid phosphate esters but also neutralised versions. Phosphate esters are based on alcohols, aromatic ethoxylates or alcohol ethoxylates. These phosphate esters are manufactured by either a polyphosphoric acid route giving predominantly mono esters or by a phosphorous pentoxide route to give predominantly di-esters. These phosphate esters can then be neutralised to achieve a variety of salts. Phosphate esters may be used in a number of applications due to their stability at high temperatures or in acidic or alkaline conditions. These attributes offer significant advantages over other surfactants. Products from the range may be selected to perform a range of functions including: • Detergency • Emulsification • Foaming • Dispersing • Wetting • Antifoaming

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