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Feed materials

Feed materials - items

Vegetable oils

Vegetable oils

Described under number 2.20.1 in part C of the catalogue of feed materials (EC 68/2013) below vegetable oils are used in the feed industry as feed material. The oils and fats are obtained from plants and are either degummed, refiand and/or hydrogenated.

Fish oils

Glycerol esters

Salts of fatty acids

Fatty acids

Fatty acids

In the group of fatty acids, we have a wide range of products consisting of one carboxylic group with an ever-changing alkyl chain starting from C6 and ending at C22. This broad range of fatty acids not only includes chemically pure fatty acids, but also the natural cuts from amongst others coconut and rapeseed oil. Fatty acids are widely used in all kinds of different industries and depending on their chain length, contribute with unique characteristics to the value of your formulation.



Propyleneglycol esters


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