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Oleochemicals yield a wide range of excipients and vegetable oils, which are described in the different pharmacopoeias. Fatty acids are offered as standard or high purity grades. A number of polyols, more specifically polyethylene glycols are available in several molecular weights and physical forms.

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Vegetable oils

Animal Oils

Mineral Oils

Fatty acids

Fatty alcohols



Monoalcohol esters

Glycerol esters

Glycol esters




Ethoxylated sorbitanesters are obtained by the ethoxylation of sorbitanesters. They are more hydrophylic than the sorbitanesters itself and are used as non-ionic surfactants and solubilizers for water insoluble active products and essentiel oils. In combination with the non-ethoxylated sorbitanesters, they can be used as emulsifiers for oil in water emulsions.



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