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A good customer relation is highly valued by Chempri As oleochemicals we have a wide variety of applications. You'll find our products in almost all products you use on a daily basis. We serve a diversity of markets with our products.. Discover more about us
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Company Profile

Chempri is a supplier of oleochemicals. The product range includes vegetable, animal and mineral oils, fatty acids and fatty alcohols as well as esters . Furthermore, we also offer a complete package of tensio-active products.

A good customer relationship is valued very highly by Chempri. Constructive communication with the customer in answering product related questions and looking for logistic solutions underlines the customer’s central role in the whole process. Chempri has always promoted products based upon raw materials which can be recovered in a natural way.

A large part of our products is being made at our very modern production location. We produce a large number of esters such as monoalcohol, pentaerythritol, polyethyleneglycol, trimethylpropane, sorbitan, propyleneglycol and glycerol esters. We also have the possibility to adapt these products to specific client demands. The facility has been designed as to guarantee a short transformation period and a fast term of delivery.

The contents of the reactors vary from 1 to 40 tons. The 1 tonnes reactor is especially used for research and development; the 40 tonnes reactor serves for the production of mainly standard products. Our production facility includes a fully equipped laboratory as to safeguard the quality of our products in an effective way. The high degree of flexibility from the factory as well as from the co-workers. ensures an optimal service towards the customer. Just try it!

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