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Amine oxides are non-ionic surfactants derived from natural renewable feed-stocks. Amine oxides are excellent detergents, foam boosters and foam stabilisers and can be used in formulations to provide viscosity, grease emulsification and soil suspension.

Our product may be used in a wide range of applications including:
• Shampoos
• Bubble baths
• Hair conditioners
• Dishwash detergents
• Laundry detergents
• All purpose cleaning agents
• Liquid Bleach products
• Foam stabilisers in rubber and polymer industries.

Amine oxides are compatible with most other surfactants and will not hydrolyse in strongly acidic or alkaline systems. They also exhibit synergystic effects when combined with anionic and other non-ionic surfactants. Amine oxides tend to act as a non-ionic surfactant in neutral and alkaline pH and cationic in acidic conditions. Amine oxides are extensively used with both sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide to produce bleach based products.
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