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Complexing Agents

Chelating agents are chemicals able to form a complex with certain metal ions. According to the definition of ASTM-A-380 they are "chemicals that form soluble, complex molecules with certain metal ions, inactivating the ions so that they cannot normally react with other elements or ions to produce precipitates or scale." Under this definition, we have several products in our range.

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Well known chelating agents NTA and EDTA have had a place in our productportfolio for years. With the concerns that have arisen with both products, there is now a third addition in the form of MGDA. Available in different grades and solutions, they are an essential part of your formulation.

NTA/EDTA/MGDA - products

Polyacrilic copolymers

Polyacrilic copolymers

Polyacrylic copolymers have also the ability to form stable lignans and should therefore also be considered as complexing agents. They can be used as additives for low-phosphate and phosphate-free detergents. They inhibit incrustation and redeposition and boost detergency. They are also employed as dispersing agents for organic an inorganic solids in water-treatment processes, etc.

Polyacrilic copolymers - products

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